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A favorite ink of experienced and novice calligraphers. The ink in this liquid version is ready to use, but you can dilute it to get a lighter color. This ink drains well from the spring, does not melt and does not melt on higher quality paper (unlike many other water-based inks). It does not clog the feather or cause it to cut. To its perfection, it lacks only water resistance after drying, on the other hand, you do not have to rub when you grease it, it will be easy to wash off. And best of all - it's a natural product handmade from walnuts.


Liquid ink durability

The durability of the liquid ink has been tested for about 6 months, during which time there has been no mold or other spoilage of the ink. Therefore, the durability of the ink for more than six months cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, I recommend always casting the smaller amount that you will use and storing the rest in the cold. I recommend buying for casting minilahvičku na inkoust.

Ink color

Do you need to lighten or darken walnut ink? If you want a lighter shade of ink, simply add a little water. Conversely, if you need a more intense color, leave the ink bottle open day / night to allow some of the water to evaporate. You can also easily adjust the hue intensity by adding of walnut ink crystals.


15 ml, 50 ml, Sample 5 ml


La Litera



9 reviews for Ořechový inkoust ‒ tekutý

  1. Anonymous (verified owner) -

  2. Pavlína (verified owner) -

    Absolutely unique ink. The color after drying is simply perfect 🙂

    • admin (store manager) -

      Great, thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. Klára Šubrtová (verified owner) -

    Amazing color, light scent

  4. Nikol M. (verified owner) -

    Beautiful color, looks perfect on paper, does not make skittles and holds beautifully! Thank you!

  5. Lenka (verified owner) -

  6. Veronika Veresová (verified owner) -

  7. Jana (verified owner) -

    Výborný tréninkový inkoust, nerozpíjí se. Jsou dobře rozeznatelné jednotlivé tahy.

  8. Tomáš (verified owner) -

    Velmi pěkná přírodní barva.

  9. Romana Holíková (verified owner) -

    Plné body, přestože ještě nevyzkoušen, což je jen má chyba.

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